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Insights for Directed Living

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Debra Carter Kelly

As the youngest of nine, growing up in McComb, Mississippi with an outhouse and a well, Debra has come a long way. She shares lessons learned and expertise gained through the lenses of her siblings as well as her 35-year career in executive development. As CEO of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC and its divisions, she oversees lifepoint a behavior learning resource, and Carter’s Epiphany. The non-profit 501c3 organization provides underserved communities life skills scholarships encompassing fun, effective, and success-oriented learning experiences. We explore individual behavior, family dynamics, business challenges, and spiritual renewal designed to teach mastery of life challenges with insights for a directed living!
As an enthusiast, she is dedicated to teaching individuals ways to master the elements of life so they can consciously direct their behavior toward their goals. Debra has a Master’s Degree from the University of San Francisco in International Multicultural Education. She is a Certified Professional Coach,  Director for the International Network of Children and Families, and author of 3C’s for Raising Entitled Children. This book provides fresh parenting strategies designed for raising resilient children in this modern world. It’s a unique blend of certified parenting instruction and wisdom from four generations of great leaders highlighting core values and the Kelly Family Bill of Rights. Her online course, It’s O.K. to Be Rich, provides practical insights into the wealth mindset.

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lifepoint a division of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC is a behavior learning resource center.   Our goal is to build strong, passionate, lively relationships and teams that fight to win through proven methodologies of success-oriented learning experiences. Our learning methodology teaches individuals ways to master the elements so they can consciously direct their behavior toward their goals.


We offer coaching and courses that explore individual behavior, family dynamics, and business challenges.  

Carter's Epiphany, the non-profit 501c3 organization, provides underserved communities with life skills scholarships encompassing parenting, health education, financial literacy, and generational wealth.  Funded through grants from private and corporate donors, we aim to raise funds to support military and underserved communities to reach their true potential.  

You can help us change the fabric of generations to come by building families one at a time.

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"Since having to take the parenting class through Alameda County Family Services

over two years ago while my husband and I

were separated and had been through 

a dramatic international child custody battle,

I am very pleased to say we reconciled and are a happily united family unit."

—  Karyn Krause Amore

"We learned a lot from you, and in the class. We will be better parents and grandparents for it. And thank you for all the good work you are doing in the world.

It makes us feel good knowing that so many parents and children are benefitting from your work."

— John Hendee 


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Debra Carter-Kelly


If you are unsure how to get past your problems and barriers, lifepoint can teach you how to master your challenges and start living with success.  

A happy single parent


Fun, effective, and success-oriented learning experiences that consciously direct individuals toward their goals. 

Colorful Books


lifepoint provides support and resources to strengthen individuals, families, and communities.

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  We deliver solutions for your business and your people, no matter the challenge. 

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