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Winners Do One Thing, We Win! 

The Real Coach Carter

Coach Carter's strategy for winning in life range from learning about the quality of one's character to the love of learning as well as the importance of self-discipline and spirituality. Coach Carter takes you through her own life experiences and shows how you too, can become successful in your everyday life. His fundamental belief is that you must start with respect for others, your community, and your environment before you can attain your own goals, both personally and professionally. It's time to be your breakthrough!  

Upcoming Events


9:30 a.m. - Noon

Oakland, CA



co and parallel Parenting Uncomplicated 


  • 3C’s for raising entitled children

  • 5 tools that will help you parent with the end in mind

  • 5 redirecting behavior strategies to avoid confrontations


What’s the secret to creating the family of your dreams? Each family has its own recipe and distinct flavor. I've found that the one key ingredient is love infused into everything you do to, for and with your children -  including discipline. The Parenting With Intention Workshop introduces parenting strategies designed to raise resilient children in today's world. This workshop is an absolute MUST for parents who seek to strengthen the relationship with their children as they stretch toward adulthood. Bring the joy back to parenting even through the challenges of the teen years with the lifepoint recipe.

Develop high conflict diversion skills and communication strategies that work across separate viewpoints, households, and work environments toward a shared outcome.

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