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lifepoint was founded by Debra Carter-Kelly and Kevin Kelly and is a division of Carter-Kelly Consulting LLC, a firm that specializes in life skills management and personal coaching.


Debra, CEO has a MA from the University of San Francisco in International Multicultural Education and is a Director for the International Network for Children and Families where she teaches Redirecting Behavior for Teachers, Parents, Students, and Corporations.  




High conflict classes, parenting courses, life skills coaching, and workshops for real people, real problems, and real solutions!


It's time to be your breakthrough!

Call to schedule your 30 minute complimentary lifepoint consultation.

(510) 463-1163

Need Help? Call (510) 463 -1163

Use our contact form for additional information of  lifepoint courses, locations, and fee schedules. 

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Redirecting Children's Behavior Course


The 3Cs a book by Debra Carter Kelly

Book - Grandaddy Says - 3C's for raising entitled children!


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